Who are we?

At King Cook in Wood S.L., we are passionately committed to wood products to enhance the smoking experience on grills, BBQs, smokehouses, professional ovens and butchers. Our products, known for their unparalleled quality, manufactured in La Rioja, (Spain), travel to different corners of the world bearing our Cook in Wood brand and also in collaboration with renowned private brands. Our aim is to enrich the flavours and moments spent at the barbecue.

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Our story

The Cook in Wood story has its roots in La Rioja, a land renowned for its wine and gastronomy, and now also for our smoking products. Our company was born from a vision in 2013, when they decided to give new life to oak barrels, bringing out their exquisite flavours to create a diverse range of gastronomic products. From wood sawdust, wood chips to pressed smoked wood, each Cook in Wood product carries the essence of tradition and innovation.

Our range includes wood chips, woodchips, barrel stave boards, sawdust, pressed wood (Foodie Power Blocks), charcoal, accessories and firewood for pizza ovens and bakeries. All are available in oak barrel flavours: red wine, whisky, cognac, sherry wine, sweet white wine. We have also introduced wood from Mediterranean trees such as: olive, peach, almond, or citrus.

What makes us unique?

Excellence in quality

With over 15 years of experience in smoking, we have developed a wide range of high quality products that satisfy barbecue enthusiasts, top chefs and even the smoking industry.

Selection of raw materials

Our partnerships with distilleries and wineries in South West Europe allow us to select the best. This proximity to origin allows us to ensure the high quality of our raw materials.

Commitment to sustainability

We pride ourselves on our proprietary flavour preservation process and commitment to sustainable practices. All the wood we use comes from annual tree pruning or reused oak barrels. We have a deep respect for craftsmanship and culinary traditions, which is reflected in every Cook in Wood product.


How do we make our products?

Making our products is an art that starts with the careful selection of each barrel and the wood from the fruit trees. The oak barrels are dismantled by hand and, after a process of selection and cleaning, are turned into chips that preserve the intense flavours of the wine and distillates. This patented method, developed with winemakers in La Rioja, ensures that each piece retains its distinctive aroma in a natural and sustainable way.
COOK IN WOOD products are FSC certified.

As for the fruitwood, it comes exclusively from annual cuttings , a 100% renewable source. The wood is naturally dried to a moisture content of less than 10% and then chopped, 100% natural.

Our factory

We have two industrial units located in La Rioja:

Unit 1: 4500 m².

Unit 2: 3000 m².

Our team

Made up of 15 dedicated and committed professionals.
Every member of the team contributes to making Cook in Wood the distinguished brand it is today.


Our successes and achievements

At King Cook in Wood S.L., we are celebrating a trajectory marked by effort and innovation that has led to exponential growth. Our brand, Cook In Wood international brand, has established itself in most European countries, and our production capacity extends to world-renowned private brands such as Napoleon in Canada and Europe, Fornetto in Australia, Outdoorchef in Switzerland, Barbecook in Belgium, Mr. BBQ in the USA and many other international giants.
COOK IN WOOD products are suitable for all types of grills: charcoal grills, Kamado, smoker BBQ, gas grills, electric grills, pizza ovens, professional ovens, smokers...

In 2020, our relentless pursuit of excellence led us to patent PRESSED WOOD (FOODIE POWER BLOCKS), a revolutionary product in the world of smoking, versatile for both hot and cold smoking, and unique in its characteristics.

Our products have not only been the stars of international barbecue fairs such as Spoga in Cologne and events in Chicago, Dallas and Kentucky, but have been acclaimed by experts and enthusiasts alike.

Our commitment to quality and excellence led us to sponsor the Italian BBQ team, who, with our Oak Broken Staves product, won first place in the 2018 NCB Italian Championship, reaffirming our place on the podium in the BBQ world.