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Firewood and briquettes for heating

COOK IN WOOD – The combination of beech and olive firewood, together with oak briquettes, can provide an efficient heat source and a pleasant aroma when burning in a fireplace or stove. Each type of wood has distinct characteristics and advantages, and combining them can provide a richer and more varied heating experience. Here’s more about each type of wood and how it can be used:

Firewood and briquettes for heating

Beech and olive firewood:
Beech: This is a dense wood with high heat output, making it an excellent choice for heating. It burns slowly and evenly, providing a steady, long-lasting heat.
Olive: It has a distinctive and pleasant aroma when burned, which can add ambiance and comfort to a room. Olive also burns efficiently and can provide additional warmth.
Oak briquettes:
Oak: This is a popular wood for making briquettes because of its density and ability to burn slowly and evenly. Oak briquettes can provide consistent heat and burn longer than other woods or fuels.
To use these types of wood and briquettes efficiently for heating, here are some tips:

Make sure the wood is dry and well prepared before using it for burning. Dry wood burns more efficiently and produces less ash and smoke.
Place wood and briquettes properly in the fireplace or stove, making sure that air can circulate freely to allow a complete and even burn.
Monitor the burn and adjust the wood or lighter requirements according to the desired temperature and duration. Firewood and briquettes for heating
Periodically clean ashes and debris from the fireplace or stove to maintain efficient burning and extend the life of the heating equipment.
The combination of beech and olive firewood, along with oak briquettes, can provide a pleasant and efficient heating experience in your home, bringing cozy warmth and a pleasant aroma during the cold season.