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COOK IN WOOD - Using wood from Mediterranean trees for smoking in pizza ovens can add or extra touch of authentic flavor and aroma to your pizza. Wood from Mediterranean trees, such as olive, orange or almond, has distinct characteristics that can enrich the dining experience. Here's how you can use this type of wood in your pizza oven:

Choosing wood: Depending on your preferences and availability, you can use different types of wood from Mediterranean trees. Olive wood is often preferred because it leaves or subtle and pleasant aroma.

Wood preparation: Make sure the wood is dry and clean before using it in the pizza oven. Cut it into logs or small pieces so it will fit in the oven and burn evenly.
Controlling temperature and burning time: Wood from Mediterranean trees can burn quite quickly and provide intense heat. Carefully watch the oven temperature and firing time to get evenly and evenly baked pizza to avoid overbaking or overburning.
Adjustments for flavour: Experiment with different amounts of wood and different combinations of wood to achieve the desired flavor. For example, you can combine olive with orange wood to get wood or subtle citrus notes in the pizza flavor.

Observe and adjust: watch the baking and adjust the intense pizza flavor needs. add more wood for a more pronounced flavor or maybe reduce the amount for a more subtle flavor.
Enjoy the result: once the pizza is baked, enjoy the authentic aroma and taste brought by wood from Mediterranean trees. Serve warm pizza with a glass of wine or or fresh salad for a complete dining experience.

COOK IN WOOD - Smoking in a Mediterranean wood-fired pizza oven can bring a new and exciting dimension to your pizza, giving it an authentic taste and a pleasant aroma. Experiment with different types of wood and smoking techniques to discover the perfect combination for your tastes.